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Dreams Truths Secrets

Orlando Rivera


In many ways, Jack Kingsley is all of us. The pursuit of happiness through a great education, a great job or business, a fabulous mate and lofty financial dreams, are all but a part of who we are as individuals. Unfortunately, Jack, like many of us, finds himself in a precarious financial situation, a family on the verge of collapse, and in disbelief as to how it all got to this point. For many of us, what started out as a promising life unfolds disappointingly as we settle for an existence below our expectations.


Dreams Truths Secrets is a book about the eternal truths that are available to us, waiting to be discovered, and how to understand them and use them to achieve fulfillment and balance in our lives. Fifty takes Jack and walks him through the mistakes he has made and provides for him the Code of Truths to teach him that not all is lost. Fifty explains to Jack that his life could be turned around and his financial goals could be achieved if he is only willing to change and learn that life is a great teacher and that mistakes are our allies that serve as lessons on our pathway to fulfillment. Fifty is the wise and loving voice that all of us could use here and now.