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After Jack Kingsley lost his business, the last thing he wanted to hear was the slamming of the door behind his beloved wife as she walked out saying, “I didn’t marry you to struggle, Jack Kingsley.”


With his life unraveling, Jack returns to New Eden Park, where he spent many wonderful days growing up. Perhaps by going back to this place where his life had started with so much promise, he could recapture a new direction and purpose to his existence. Trying very hard to keep hold of his sanity, shortly after arriving at the park, Jack meets Mrs. Barbara Bailey, who offers him some hope and wisdom by sharing her triumph over tragic experiences of her own. But it is Mrs. Barbara Bailey’s exit and what she seems to have left behind that delivers an introduction to the strangest of experiences. Little did Jack know that a conversation with money, literally, would hold so many of life’s secrets and the key to his own victory over adversity and misfortune.


Everything in Jack’s life begins to change as he speaks to Fifty, a fifty-dollar bill. Jack experiences his own inner awakening and self-discovery as he listens and watches as the most unconventional of characters becomes his guide and counselor. Fifty unveils a unique and creative perspective of human behavior, happiness, fulfillment, and successful living from money’s vantage point. Fifty speaks to Jack and reveals the Code of Truths for money and life through a series of simple but profound stories that will serve as a guide to steer him in the right direction and hopefully into successful living. Finally, of a new mind, Jack sets out to claim a second chance at life.